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New album writing process

By now some of you may be wondering what is happening in terms of new work from us. So, firstly we should point out that the last album was fully written by December 2013. Since then there have been almost three full year's worth of song ideas, which we have worked on intermittently when time and inspiration have permitted it.

The good news is therefore that from our side there is "light at the end of the tunnel": namely that the 3rd Lychgate album is not far off being fully written and that recording will take place at some point in 2017, if all goes to plan with the finishing elements of the writing process.

We assure everyone that the wait will have been worth it, as we will reveal our very best work to date.

Thank you to all who have followed us so far.

(Photo by 17 seconds photography, Glass Pill sessions, 2014).